bliss group

Dearest Bliss Group members,

Hello happy friends! I am writing to express my heart-felt appreciation for the gatherings we co-create together each week. What a blessing!

I love knowing that there are so many people who enjoy coming together with friends, focusing on what we love about the world and our lives and sharing stories that make us feel great! I love listening to your happy memories and sharing in your excitement about what you'd like to create next. You all have such fantastic dreams!

I love most of all our humor and openness. It feels so great to spend a couple of hours laughing my heart awake. Yay! I always feel like I'm glowing a bit brighter after a Bliss Group gathering. My thoughts are higher and funnier, and it's because of your delicious energy. How lucky we are!

I appreciate so much that this particular time in our lives we all desired to feel good and find friends with whom to have fun. I look forward to searching for many more of our lives' moments of light and lifting them up, dusting them off and letting them shine brightly once again, amidst our squeals of laughter!

Thank you for your happiness, funny stories and brilliant energy. I wish for you all a year of dreams coming true! Easily and joyfully!



Dear Mail Carrier Friend,

Hello! I am so happy to be writing to you! I want to express my happy appreciation for the wonderful work that you do.

I love that every day I can rely on the U.S. Postal Service and you to deliver our letters and packages. Thank you! I appreciate how in all types of weather you are out-and-about making sure all of our correspondences get to us in a timely way. You are awesome!

I appreciate how you help our lives to run smoothly. You are doing a great job! I wish for you many fun experiences and happy days in the new year. Thank you, thank you!



Dear Park Rangers,

Hello friends! I am writing to express my appreciation for all of you and how awesome you are.

I love Griffith Park! I hike here almost every morning, and I am so appreciative that such a beautiful natural area exists in the middle of our city. I want to thank you all for your creativity in the management, upkeep and preservation of this gorgeous space. Thank you!

I see so many happy people, families and pets walking Griffith Park's trails each morning. We love it here! I always feel so good being out-and-about near trees, soil and animals -- a true sanctuary. Thank you for maintaining this beautiful land so that so many of us may continue to explore it, enjoy it and feel so good. You are a blessing!

I wish for you much joy on your paths, and I hope the new year brings you new friends on the trails and many fun days. We appreciate you!



Dear Ms. Staunton,

Hello! I am so happy to be writing to you! I recently re-watched the Cranford series and I am writing to express my appreciation for your performance.

You are brilliant! I love your specificity and perfectly wound-up energy. Miss Pole is an hilarious character and you bring her to life exquisitely. What a joy! Every time you pop onto the screen, I watch with a bit more enthusiasm, and my heart shines. You make me laugh!

Thank you so much for sharing with us your exactness and humor, your creativity and your bright energy. Yours is one of my most favorite performances of the past decade. Yay!

I wish for you so much joy on your inspiring path and many more roles into which you can breathe life and have fun. Thank you, thank you. There are people out here adoring you!



Hello friend!

I am so thrilled to be writing to you! I am writing to express my happy appreciation for the work you and your colleagues are doing in order to create the BBC's nature documentaries.

Wow! I am consistently astounded by the extraordinary footage your production teams capture. During most of the time I am watching, I'm on the edge of my seat. You are amazing!

I appreciate you and your colleagues' love for bringing us stories and sights from some of the most fascinating areas of the world. My consciousness grows every time I get to watch. And your stories leave an inspiring mark! What comes to mind right now is your footage of Humpback Whales creating bubble nets together and the great flooding of the Okavango Delta. Holy moly! Thank you for sharing this with us!

I wish for you many joyful friendships and inspiring adventures on this extraordinary path you are on. Thank you and your teams for your love for our world and its animals. We appreciate you!



Dear T,

Hello happy friend! I am writing to express my appreciation for you and for our growing friendship.

The days when I get to see you are so bright! I love walking into our meetings and being met with your open arms and beaming smile. You make us all feel so special. I love how you hold space in such a high vibration; everyone rises to meet your joy! I appreciate how you look for, speak to, and know our greatest selves. You see us for who we really are and it feels amazing!

I feel blessed and fortunate to be resonating in such a way to have you in my life. I appreciate your bright and happy emails, how you help to organize our gatherings, and how encouraging you are with our dreams. We are expanding joyfully under your watch! You are a very special being, a natural-born leader and a happy friend whose love for life is a radiant light in the world!

I wish for you a sparkly love-filled holiday and so much FUN with your closest friends and family. Thank you T!



Hello friends!

I am writing to tell you how much I love your house! I live in the neighborhood, and every time I drive by your home, my heart leaps. What an adorable home you have!

I love the very tall trees you have in front -- they remind me of the mountains and Lake Arrowhead. And the rest of your landscaping is just perfect. I appreciate your stone pathway, your white fence and your awesome door. And your Christmas tree in the front window! I love the cottage-feel you've created; it makes me feel so happy every time I pass by. You have wonderful taste!

Thank you for creating such a warm, happy and beautiful place in our community. You must be lovely people to have such a magical home. It radiates light!

Happy holidays!


green tea

Dear Owner,

Hello friend! I am writing to express my happy appreciation for your wonderful tea.

Your company's organic loose green tea is my absolute favorite! I appreciate that you are selling products sourced from organic farms and that you are supporting indigenous farmers. This makes me so happy! And I adore so much the flavor of your tea. It has a unique taste that I look forward to enjoying every day.

Thank you for your conscientiousness and your wonderful products. I love them! I wish you much happy success and fun adventures and friendships on your path.

Happy holidays!



Dear Matthew and Terces,

Hello friends! I am so happy to be writing to you! I want to express my appreciation for your decision to open a Cafe Gratitude here in Los Angeles.

I love your restaurant! I appreciate Cafe Gratitude's bright energy and the happy people it attracts. I always feel so light and energized when I visit. I appreciate your wondrous attention to detail, like the names of the items on your menu (how brilliant!) and your employees are so friendly and kind. My favorite dish right now is your Macrobiotic Bowl and I adore your Vanilla "Milk"shake. Yay! I find myself smiling while eating and leaving feeling so perfectly fulfilled.

Also I would like to thank you for coming up with the idea of a donation-only/community supported meal. What a lovely gesture! And I think it's wonderful that you provide free vegan Thanksgiving dinners. I appreciate these choices so much!

I love seeing 'live food' restaurants sprout up around the city. It's inspiring! And delicious! So thank you for choosing to be here. I wish you many happy days and lots of joyful success!

Happy holidays!



Dear C and B,

Hello beautiful friends! I am so happy to be writing to you! I want to thank you so much for opening your home to us each week and being so gracious, kind and welcoming to whomever walks through the door.

C, I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement. You are a bright sparkly light of happy, and I love how you make us laugh. Thank you for preparing snacks and tea for us each week and helping everyone feels so comfy. And B! I adore your wonderful stories and insights and how you make everyone feel so special. You care about what we share and we feel it!

You two are angels in our world, and I feel so blessed to be co-creating Bliss Group with you. I appreciate you! Thank you for opening your hearts and home to us. And please tell Miles that we love his delicious hugs!

I wish for you all so much blissful love during these happy days. Let sparkly brilliant light shower your home, yay!